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Thanks to its important economy and demography , the EU can play a key role as global power but it has to complete the political integration process. The EU can promote peace, protect the environment contributing to the prevention of global warming, and it can combat international terrorism. Despite the predominant view of national states, the Lisbon Treaty (2009) has strengthened the EU foreign and security policy. The Treaty indeed has established the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and The European External Action Service (with the EU diplomatic corps). The two following articles show some cases where the EU has played commonly and successfully. It is a first step, but it is still insufficient to develop a real EU foreign policy. The EU needs a common defence and security policy and a single voice in global issues with a common permanent seat within an UN Security Council transformed in a Council of the Great Regions of the world.

- EU envoy warns of new sanctions against settlements. Official says there are ‘more tools’ Europe can use to protest Israel’s continued expansion of settlements in the West Bank. (

EU Said to Work on Political Deal With Iran for Energy Contracts

Gianfranco Brusaporci
Author: Gianfranco Brusaporci
IT: Ricercatore in Scienze Politiche, esperto in studi di confine, cooperazione transfrontaliere, politica etnica e delle minoranze, studi sull’area dei Balcani. EN: Researcher in Political Science, expert in border studies, cross-border cooperation, ethnic and minority policy, Balkan studies.
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